Navigate your BI product to success by considering… Navigation!

Whether you are working on a simple report, several reports, a dashboard or a complex BI application, one of the first things you need to consider as part of your design is navigation. The navigation describes the usage pattern, or usage scenarios of your BI application. Call it story boarding, wire framing, use case or map, in order to produce a coherent and high quality product, you will need to understand how users will make their way through your product. It is especially important to consider navigation, since you will most likely be providing some level of data filtering in your BI product, which will add additional complexity to the navigation use cases. Your navigation map may be as simple as:

  1. Landing page: prompt for region selection
  2. Regions sales report

Or as complex as this:


But if you get it all laid out and understood, you will have no problems producing intuitive quality products that users “get” and enjoy using.


Download XLF here.

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