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Our HTML 5 Dashboards are here

Our HTML 5 Dashboard solution (BOGOBoards) is here. Checkout the vid below or click here for the live demo. Feel free to contact me for more info, or go to for additional info and corporate contact info.

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Custom Logoff page for SAP BI Launchpad

I recently posted about a way to create a custom logon mechanism for SAP BI Launchpad with relatively low effort (some configuration to get an sdk app going, and very little code). Today, i also wanted to share how to … Continue reading

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What-if analysis example – HTML5 style

One of the interesting things dashboarding tools and technologies have always been able to do was providing users with the ability to run “what-if” analysis. Changing variables that impact results and allowing users to visualize the impact of the change … Continue reading

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Click or swipe

Once of the clear advantages html5 has over native apps is the concept of develop once, deploy anywhere. From an enterprise IT perspective, this is a huge benefit of course, handling a single code base, leveraging a single development platform, … Continue reading

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Flash style transition effects with HTML5 dashboards

Adding some flash style fade effect to our HTML5 dashboards is a synch… Can control the transition type, speed, and control every aspect of the transition invocation..  

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Custom logon page for (SAP BI) BusinessObjects 4.x

If you are looking to customize the way your users login to your BO 4.0 system, a good place to start is the WEB-INF\internal directory in the new BOE webapp structure. It lists the different applications equinox plugin references, and … Continue reading

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Live HTML5 Medicare Dashboard – redux

Please checkout the latest updates to our live html5 medicare dashboard: The latest version include sparklines and improved select menu UI… Compare the html5 version to the Xcelsius version (, and tell us what you think (of course, don’t … Continue reading

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