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Shana Tova

Today is the first day of the Jewish Year 5772 (תשע״ב). Last night, we celebrated Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New year. The Jewish calendar is lunar based, not solar based, which is why it is not “aligned” with the civil, … Continue reading

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Magic Quadrant bubble chart in BI 4.0 Webi

SAP made some significant improvements in the Web Intelligence reporting tool with the release of the latest version of their BI stack, 4.0. One of the improvements is the addition of several new chart types, and overall improvements in the … Continue reading

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Navigation and context in your BI implementation

I wrote about the importance of navigation in any BI application, whether it is a report or a complex dashboard, in various prior posts. Recently, i realized that discussing navigation without mention of context is incomplete. When talking about context … Continue reading

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Charting the future of gambling in Massachusetts

As someone who lives in Massachusetts, near Boston, i had mixed feelings today about the House approval for casino gambling. On the one hand, i am certainly hopeful about the introduction of a new industry into the area. The expected … Continue reading

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Crystal Reports versatility

Crystal Reports is perhaps the most versatile reporting application in the world. It’s popularity predates most modern business intelligence tools (and vendors..) and its users base is simply astounding. The functionality built into Crystal Reports can certainly be overwhelming for … Continue reading

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Search Filter in Xcelsius

Xcelsius popularity as a platform for building BI applications increases, and the demand for streamlined functionality, such as search, is growing as well. Unfortunately, there is still no “search” component or functionality built into Xcelsius yet. However, using your excel … Continue reading

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