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Migrating BusinessObjects Query as a Web Service

BusinessObjects Query as a Web Service started a few years ago as a lab project. It quickly gained traction and with the release of XI 3.x was integrated into the main product tree. This feature offers BusinessObjects metadata (universe) and … Continue reading

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Can Cognos fraud detection software detect Cognos fraud?

I’ve been following the media coverage of the Cognos bribery case with the Massachusetts speaker of the house, Sal DiMasi, with great curiosity. Dimasi was recently convicted. But, what strike me as being very interesting is how IBM was able … Continue reading

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Mobile BI to replace reports push model

I first published this post on Technorati as Mobile BI to Replace Reports Push Model BI Content is typically distributed in either a push model or a pull model. In a traditional pull model, content is generated on the BI … Continue reading

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BI applications – the evolution of dashboards and scorecards

There’s a lot of “chatter” about mobile BI, and BI in general these days. As the information age matures and explodes, BI is all the rage. Everybody seems to get the premise of delivering information, and the delivery medium that … Continue reading

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Open source BI with Pentaho – how far can it stretch?

Open source BI software is a fascinating topic that deserves a lot more discussion. Since the domain of business intelligence is all about information democracy and “liberating” the data that is locked in the company databases, turning it to meaningful … Continue reading

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Xcelsius flyout menu

One of the most important aspects of dashboard design is navigation. Just like any other application, a dashboard is made out of content, functionality and navigation. The drilling, slicing, dicing, and data exploration are all part of your BI application … Continue reading

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