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Why Isn’t Data Enrichment A Standard Practice In Every Data Warehousing Project?

Data enrichment is a terrific way to increase the value proposition of your data warehouse, and yet, it is implemented quite rarely. With data enrichment you can almost overnight provide your sales team with additional mountains of information about the … Continue reading

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Abusing the date dimension: when does it make sense to NOT use it

The date dimension is a dimensional model staple. You will not find a data mart, data warehouse or any kind of a reporting database that does not have one form or another of a date dimension. The benefits of using … Continue reading

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Connect an Xcelsius dashboard to a public RSS feed using simple jsp proxy – work around cross domain problem

Xcelsius has several data connectivity facilities that make it relatively easy for dashboard developers to connect to live data. Web Services and RSS feeds can be used via XML maps, or directly. However, the practical limitation anyone who ever tried … Continue reading

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Google Public Data Explorer

These are exciting and busy times for Business Intelligence at large, and data visualization in particular. It’s hard to keep up with all the innovations in the field. From SAP Xcelsius and Explorer, Microsoft Silverlight, QlikView, mobile players like Roambi … Continue reading

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