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Google visualization donut chart

While working on an iPad compatible version for our healthcare enrollment dashboard, i wrote about utilizing google visualization API charts. One of the chart types we utilized in Xcelsius was a donut chart, and while the google visualization library doesn’t … Continue reading

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Xcelsius Flight Seat Order models visualized

On a recent international flight I had a chance to ponder how much the order of seating passengers really impact the amount of time it takes to get all the passengers seated. On one flight, the crew called passengers to … Continue reading

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Live poll using Xcelsius

Which phone do you like best? iPhone? Android? Blackberry? The example below integrates several techniques to come up with an interesting concept: an Xcelsius based live poll. This sample integrates Xcelsius with ajax to store your vote in the database … Continue reading

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Dynamically resizing images in Xcelsius

It is sometime useful o be able to dynamically change an image size in Xcelsius, based on user inputs for example, or on a data variable that changes live, or as a result of user input. Xcelsius components, except for … Continue reading

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Xcelsius bubbles

Not much to say about this one, i just really like bubbles… Using bubble charts in Xcelsius can be very appealing.  

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