Google Charts – the elephant has entered the room..

Google chart example

As a developer I always had a knack for open source. So, when I started working with Business Intelligence I naturally began looking for opportunities to leverage open source software. Of course, MySQL was a great RDBMS choice (i used it for several years in very large DM implementations, with terrific results, maybe more on this in some future blog posts..). I began searching for BI tools that are open source. I ran into a few, Pentaho, Jasper, Birt all came up at some point or another. I got excited about Pentaho earlier on, but lately I think the company has resolved to switch to a more commercial direction, and I found it very difficult to continue using its non-enterprise commercial software.

Well, enter Google.

Of course, whenever Google enters a market, you know all the existing players in the field start shaking in their boots, and for good reasons. Google is innovative and produces quality products that other companies can only envy. Its Google Charts offering will surely rock the BI world sooner rather than later.

Google charts offer an astonishing variety of charts that are completely customizable, can connect to live data, and are surely to continue evolve. And there’s more than charts: with tables, grids, text components and other great looking components, Google charts ( is moving surely into the dashboarding and data visualization space.

Stay tuned to this topic, I am planning to explore it at depth over the coming weeks, and I’m sure we will all hear a lot about Google charts in the near future.  

Charts API gallery (

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