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Extend SAP Dashboard visualizations and capabilities with google charts integration

Back in January, i wrote about Google Charts, and how they stand to shake the BI and data visualization world. Well, over the past months, not only the charts collection has grown substantially and now includes many nontraditional charting options, … Continue reading

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Xcelsius Count Down Clock

Not much to say about this one, just decided to do a count down clock in xcelsius. You can download the XLF HERE and modify the end date and text as you please…

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Xcelsius flyout menu

One of the most important aspects of dashboard design is navigation. Just like any other application, a dashboard is made out of content, functionality and navigation. The drilling, slicing, dicing, and data exploration are all part of your BI application … Continue reading

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Connect an Xcelsius dashboard to a public RSS feed using simple jsp proxy – work around cross domain problem

Xcelsius has several data connectivity facilities that make it relatively easy for dashboard developers to connect to live data. Web Services and RSS feeds can be used via XML maps, or directly. However, the practical limitation anyone who ever tried … Continue reading

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Defuse the tension between designers and technologists – educate on your BI tools capabilities upfront

When working with designers, or users who are interested in designing their dashboards, you will undoubtedly run into tensions between what “should be” and what “can be”. While you can argue that with software there are really no limitations, and … Continue reading

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Spin the bike wheel and track your performance

While working out at the gym today, I thought up this little Xcelsius dashboard to track biking performance. While the hardware components needed are a bit out of reach for me right now, the illustration below would have to suffice … Continue reading

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Automatically Close Xcelsius Dashboard When User Is Idle

A colleague approached me the other day with a requirement to “Logoff” users when they have not been active in an Xcelsius dashboard for a certain amount of time. I am sure there are many approaches and ways to accommodate … Continue reading

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Embed LinkedIn search in your BI application!

I recently got to listen to a presentation about using LinkedIn in the context of sales and marketing. LinkedIn is a wonderfully successful and rich professional/social network, where you can find co-workers, past colleagues, old school mates etc. The difference … Continue reading

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Control the size of your Xcelsius dashboard in InfoView

If you ever tried to publish an SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius dashboard to InfoView by using the “Export” option to “Enterprise”, you surely ran into a sizing problem when viewing the dashboard. As the dashboard designer, you pay great attention to … Continue reading

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Localize your global Xcelsius dashboard

If your dashboard is intended for a global audience, you may need to be able to localize it. By localization, most people refer to the ability to translate at minimum the labels and headers of the dashboard, based on the … Continue reading

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