Generate QR Codes in Webi or Crystal Reports

QR Codes are quickly becoming a standard method of communication. QR Codes are two dimensional bar codes that allow QR readers to translate the encoded data and take actions on it. Any camera equipped smart phone today can easily read a QR code. For example, QR Codes are used to automatically add contacts from business to the phone. You can open websites and pass all sorts of data using QR codes. They are super popular in Japan and Asia and are now getting traction in the US, really really fast.
One thing QR codes can help with in terms of BI is making reports actionable. QR Codes can be used to allow information consumers to go to a certain website page, or web application, submitting information they read on the report, scan a code and send an email notification, or as in my example, provide a quick way to add contact information into the phone contacts list.
Using the sample eFashion universe, I created a simple report that contains the stores, store managers, and some sales and margin stats. Then, i created a vcard encoded string containing the  store manager info, address etc. Finally, i used the vcard string as the input into the google charts api to generate a QR code image, and used that image in a webi report, as well as a crystal report.
You can download sample crystal report .rpt file or web intelligence .wid file that contain these examples.


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4 Responses to Generate QR Codes in Webi or Crystal Reports

  1. bob bell says:

    Thank you for your provided download link of crystal report .rpt file and web intelligence .wid file.The examples in it are very useful for me.We can deploy a qr code DLL for Crystal Reports as part of a .NET application if we want to create the qr code barcodes on the fly based on data.

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  2. Lewis says:

    This crystal reports qr code control is able to create qr code in image from crystal reports report.

  3. Dominic De Lello says:

    I tried to download your crystal reports version but it was asking for a username & password. It would not generate what you have contained in your sample rpt file. please advise

    • Ron Keler says:

      Dominic, the reports use the business objects e-Fashion sample universe. To use them as designed, you will need to connect to the BO repository. However, you can simply bypass the repository logon screen (hit cancel) and you can still view the report in design mode to see how it was built. Thanks – Ron

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