Create your own webi report part viewer using HTML DIVs

Very often i run into the need to embed a webi report part, such as a table block, in a separate application, outside of InfoView. There are many ways to accomplish this, from leveraging the webi REBean SDK to using the openDocument api. The openDocument api in particular is very handy, since it is so easy and simple to use, and requires no coding. However, in many cases, all that is needed is the report block to be displayed on a screen, rather than the entire webi interface. Using some carefullt placed HTML placed DIVs, you can accomplish that.
While the openDocument api does have the ability to display specific report parts, using the sReportPart argument, it provides only limited functionality. It is officially only supported for Crystal (although it does work with webi as well), but fails to include some of the important controls that come with webi such as pagination, filters, saving and zooming. Leveraging html DIVs, you can “hide” the elements of the webi page that you are not interested in showing, and create a webi presentation, with no coding, that can be included in an external web application.

In the example captured above, you can see an Xcelsius selector with a webi table underneath. The selector uses an EIC to pass a parameter value to the webi report part using the openDocument api and a JS function reloads the webi iFrame when the EIC value changes. DIVs are used to cover up all the webi “extra” unwanted elements, and expose selected menu options as well as the table block.
You can find here the sample files, zipped (xlf, swf, html and .wid, based on e-Fashion).

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2 Responses to Create your own webi report part viewer using HTML DIVs

  1. Annie says:


    I need a working on a similar situation to disply webIntelligence report parts on a webpage. I somehow cannot find files that the location mentioned on this site. Is there a way you could email it to me? Our organization is still on BOE 3.1

    • Ron Keler says:

      Annie, i just tested the link off this post and it seems to be working correctly. It should download a .zip file for you. Perhaps you can check that there are no restrictions on downloading .zip file on your side..? Thanks – Ron

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