Centigon GMaps Plugin example – MA counties, towns and traffic stats

Maps are a very powerful way to visualize data and bring information to users in an attractive and usable manner. Maps help make data intuitive and fun and encourage usage of information. Xcelsius comes equipped with a variety of out-of-the-box maps that work well for certain use cases. If your geo data is fairly static, and is organized along the lines supplied in one of those maps, they work well. However, more often than not, your Geo data is sporadic, dynamic and messy in geo-political terms. If that is the case, or if you are looking for a powerful and dynamic mapping data visualization, look no further then Centigon’s Gmap plugin for Xcelsius (SAP Dashboard). I can write about how simple and intuitive it is to use, about how it seems to include anything you ever wanted to do with a map in Xcelsius, or about how fun and exciting users find it to be. But rather than that, i decided to build this example. I found some information about counties and towns in MA, along with some traffic data. Then, i staged the data in an Xcelsius model to produce this visualization. You can pick any country in MA, and the map will plot the towns in that county. The green icons include traffic data when you click on them, the blue ones, do not. The chart at the bottom provides county demographic data. You can find the xlf here. Enjoy.

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