Draggable resizable popup in SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius)

One of the coolest tricks Xcelsius developers have been applying for years is the modal window trick. Using a background with partial transparency, and some nicely designed shades, it’s quite easy to create a popup modal window effect that is quite appealing. However, Xcelsius components are of course static in the sense that they cannot be moved across the canvas by the user, so these popups can be turned on or off. Well, what if you could popup a dialog that can be moved by the user across the screen…
By combining the capabilities of the label component in Xcelsius to call a javascript, and jquery ui dialog, you can accomplish just that. Click on the pop me link (html formattedĀ  label component) to trigger the draggable dialog that contains another Xcelsius swf file. Enjoy all the source files here.

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2 Responses to Draggable resizable popup in SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius)

  1. Ken Jones says:

    Very cool. This is a great blog. I came across it while pondering the future of xcelsius given html5 and flash’s weaknesses on ipad.
    I downloaded the source files. when opening the index.html, it does not seem to pop the pie (works here on the blog). you have a static pop here. Do you use this to pass variables back and forth? E.g put sliders in the dialog? I have used the “poor man” approach in xcelsius, but this is slicker.

    • Ron Keler says:

      Thanks Ken, i suspect the pop not working is a browser compatibility issue. The pop hyperlink is done through an Xcelsius text component with html formatting. If you move this functionality to the html page, and use the jquery functionality, i’m sure it would be more compatible. You could use EIC to pass data between the 2 SWF files in the main and draggable window.

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