Animated layered charts

Over the last few weeks i have been working with my colleagues at Cleartelligence on our html5 businessobjects dashboarding offering, and boy, does it look good! I managed to surface up and get some air this evening, and thought i’d post a little example of the kind of visual capabilities we will put at the hands of BO clients.

Being able to layer charts is an important way to articulate a comparison between two data sets. While  side by side comparison is typically adequate, in some cases, you just wish you could place two charts on top of each other to get the real picture, and perhaps add some drama.. Using our solution, this is one of the things you will be able to have.

(OOH, OOH, this works great on my iPhone..!)

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5 Responses to Animated layered charts

  1. sumit Kumar says:

    AWESOME….!!!! I loved watching it

  2. Tim says:

    “it is not as flexible as data visualization and dashboarding platforms” – tell me about it! We are using 3.1 and where seriously looking at moving back to Crystal to get the level of functionality needed to meet your expectations.

    Next on the list – on demand subreporting – if that can be done in Webi (along with the stuff above) it would be a far better tool. And I might start to like it 😉

  3. Tim says:

    Very cool, is this something that can be done with HTML hacks inside a Webi4 report? Or do we have to wait for a commercial product release?

    • Ron Keler says:

      Thank you Tim, this is an interesting idea, although the level of refinement this service offering is designed for surpasses what could be accomplished with webi. While webi is a phenomenal reporting tool with terrific ad-hoc capabilities, it is not as flexible as data visualization and dashboarding platforms. This service is targeted more around use cases that call for a highly refined, pixel perfect user interface, driven by data sourced from business objects through webi reports… Stay tuned… 🙂

  4. Santosh says:

    Amazing, looks really cool..

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