Visualizing Business Velocity

The definition of velocity as distance over time, can be translated in the business world into revenue over time. When looking to measure and visualize the business velocity, or speed, we can use a couple of approaches: actually displaying motion that indicate the speed, as a visualization, or displaying the distance covered (revenue gained) over the amount of time (say months). The visualization below allows you to use both approaches in a fun interactive way.
First, you can pick the velocity for each of the business unites (as measured by revenue per month). When you click the Run button, the speed selected will dictate the speed of the rising bars, visualizing the amount of time it would take each division to hit it’s $1M target.
You can also switch to the timeline display type to change the columns axis to be months, and display how long it would take each department to hit its target (shorter bar are good in this case).
All of this of course is html5 and will work just as beautifully on any browser and device… Enjoy.

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