Infographic style webi

Web Intelligence reports are often thought of as boxy, ad-hoc’ish, somewhat sloppy collections of tables and charts. Of course, when creating quick ad-hoc analysis queries, that is completely appropriate, but when designing corporate reports for disseminating information in a way that will appear to the information consumers, webi provides all the tools of any top notch reporting application to create visually stunning presentation that can engage and tell a story.
To make this point, i looked at my colleague, Josh Tapley blog, data-ink, and found two of his stunning examples of reports and dashboard design. Josh used Xcelsius and our HTML5 dashboarding solution to create contemporary, info graphic style presentations. I used his design to produce a webi report that follows the same pattern, and i think the result can be quite compelling, certainly not your average webi report… Enjoy.

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  1. Muhammed Ismail says:

    Very cool Ron. Thanks for sharing

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