H + The Digital Series – animated interactive timeline chart

A colleague at work recently told me about the web series H +. It sounded interesting, so i went to check it out, and was instantly hooked! For me, this was a brand new genre, and one that fits the new connected world we live in perfectly. Each episode in the series is 3-6 minutes long, so you can watch the episodes in all kinds of time configurations. The story is thrilling, the production is superb, and the whole experience is riveting. One of the interesting things about the series is the way the plot unfolds, where each episodes jets the viewer into a different time slot, related to “the event” (i really don’t want to spoil anything…). So in an effort to try and put the pieces together, i created an animated line chart that plots the episodes timeline. Click on the image below to view the animation and mouse over the data points to get episodes info. Enjoy..


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  1. saidinesh says:

    The digital series was awesome..

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