3 Responses to Is this the end… of the universe? The impact of desktop based data exploration on the single version of the truth

  1. Maybe the “new form of self service BI” will be ETL developers/ Power Users using the new generation of Viz tools in the Cloud to create rapid analyses that are published for simple information consumption? (Exploration views in SAP speak)

    But to avoid duplication of data and lots of pockets of data stored in the Viz tool layer we need a common source for these tools to access, hence we are back to the single version of the truth (data warehouse), but making these work is often too slow.

    So the challenge is empowering users to manipulate and create their own data sources but consolidating all the business logic back into a single database?

    Is this “modelling in HANA”?

    Or just good configuration/ knowledge management to rapidly proto-type and then re-engineer for all to share and use within current enterprise architecture?

  2. Joshua Fletcher says:

    Interesting post Ron. I agree that semantic layers won’t go anywhere, and whilst all the desktop data viz tools are helping in bringing information and better visualisations forward, all too often I think we will end back at the same place of ‘your data is wrong, mine is right’ and lots of manual manipulation.

    A balance needs to be struck, and hopefully that happens sooner rather than later 🙂 Maybe changing tech like HANA will make it less painful to build and maintain data warehouses and semantic layers, when it can all be done in-database?


    • Ron Keler says:

      Thank you Joshua, yes, i agree that modeling in HANA is a plausible answer, but not sure we got all the answers yet. In the mean time, my feeling is that we just have to hang in to our seats and enjoy the ride… 🙂

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