How to add animation in SAP Dashboard (Xcelsius) on Mobile

One of SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) most attractive features is animation. The way components animate in the desktop version of compiled dashboard and the ability to animate various visualizations and include animated files is key to the “sleekness” associated with so many dashboard applications. However, when compiling .xlf files for mobility in the mobile app, animation is not currently supported. This can be worked around, to a degree, by applying dynamic visibility to a series of images that can create the effect of animation. This technique can help bring mobile dashboards alive, and can be used to create anything from “please wait while data is loading…” spinners to Cylon heads with moving red eye. In the example below, I used the html5 output files of the .XLF file you may download to see how this animation effect is achieved and can be used in your SPA mobile app.

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  1. Raghav says:

    Hi Ron,

    It is very interesting. However, I am unable to download the XLF file. Can you provide the link?


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