Xcelsius bubbles

Not much to say about this one, i just really like bubbles… Using bubble charts in Xcelsius can be very appealing.


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2 Responses to Xcelsius bubbles

  1. James Batchelor says:

    I like them, but they are a pain to setup and use. At least in Excel you can have text categories for X and Y. In Xcelsius I end up using a bar chart with labels for the Y and a column chart for the X. In Excel I also could replace the bubbles with a pie chart to break the Z value down and get even more data in one chart.

    • Ron Keler says:

      James, i agree, they are not easy to setup. But bubble charts are powerful due to the “size” dimension and can articulate lots of information in a concise manner. With that said, you don’t see them too often in the “real world”.

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