Dynamically resizing images in Xcelsius

It is sometime useful o be able to dynamically change an image size in Xcelsius, based on user inputs for example, or on a data variable that changes live, or as a result of user input. Xcelsius components, except for charts, are typically fixed in size and position, and there is no way to move or resize components on the fly. However, using the following technique, you can dynamically change the size of images in your Xcelsius swf to fit your data visualization needs.
To accomplish this effect, i used the slideshow component, and bind it to a url that is constructed dynamically based on the user input in the width or height sliders. The url is pointing to a php file that streams the image and changes it’s size based on the width and height variables supplied over the url (using PHP GD library). You can find all the source files (.php, .xlf) here. Enjoy!


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