Xcelsius Flight Seat Order models visualized

On a recent international flight I had a chance to ponder how much the order of seating passengers really impact the amount of time it takes to get all the passengers seated. On one flight, the crew called passengers to board the plane by row number. Starting from the back of the plane and working their way to the front, row by row, passengers were called to board. On another flight, general boarding commenced immediately. Between passengers who do ignore the ground crew directions regarding which rows are boarding, and the many other variables that impact seating airplane passengers, does it really matter that much? While I do not have enough data to make a call either way, I was able to come up with a visualization exercise for this problem that combines several Xcelsius modeling techniques, such as combining the player selector with a history component to get a staggered dynamic visibility effect (the rows appear in order, and stay painted). Enjoy the XLF here.

Randomize seating order

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