Live poll using Xcelsius

Which phone do you like best? iPhone? Android? Blackberry?

The example below integrates several techniques to come up with an interesting concept: an Xcelsius based live poll. This sample integrates Xcelsius with ajax to store your vote in the database table, xml feed to report the results of the current poll, and eic (external interface connection) to fire the xml connection when after firing the vote ajax function. By the way, i voted for the iPhone… (This example was tested on firefox)

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21 Responses to Live poll using Xcelsius

  1. abhijit says:

    sorry to bother u Ron

    but is their specific data type which xcelsius support

    • Ron Keler says:

      Xcelsius does not support JSON, so dataTable is not a fit here, it understands SOAP though, and if you created a WSDL based web service properly, Xcelsius will be able to consume it. I would suggest avoiding complex data types in your service.

      • abhijit says:

        my crossdomain.xml file is not working because i still get problem external file cannot access

        here is my file code

        • abhijit says:

          hiee ron i still cant access my webservice through swf
          it shows the file must be trusted.

          please help me

          srry to bother you again and again

  2. abhijit says:

    hey hie
    sorry to bother u again and again.

    problem is when i export my dashboard to swf with connectivity it shows err that “canno access external data” error no-“#2170”
    can u please help me out in this also

    thank you very much

    • Ron Keler says:

      This is most likely a cross domain problem. I posted in the past examples for writing proxies to overcome this issue, feel free to search here. The key concept is that when the swf is executed by the client browser, if it makes a request to a host different then the host that serves it, it needs to have a cross domain policy file on the external data host. So, if your swf is hosts on and your web service is hosted on, when the swf makes a request to, it first looks for a crossdomain.xml file on the external site root, to validate the external site allows this access. There’s a lot of info on that on the web, and there’s lots of ways to address this, as long as you control all the hosts in play.

      • abhijit says:

        Thanks Ron,

        i write a web service which return query data “dataTable” but it is not showing in dashboard so i write simple web service which return string it interact with dashboard.

        so how can i bring my data to dashboard.

        i want data in table manner because i am firing query on table. so is there any way to

  3. abhijit says:

    hey hiii Ron
    i have a problem with web service i create a web service also connect it to dashboard but data is not shown in preview

    please help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. abhijit says:

    ok its fine ron,
    but now i want to write back to that xml with data which filtered.
    and i want to use that new created xml in other swf.
    is it possible?

    • Ron Keler says:

      Should be feasible, but the scenario you are describing sound a bit more sophisticated, and probably a better fit for a web service connection then straight xml. The web service conn allows you to submit parameters into the service that you can process and return the desired results.

      • abhijit says:

        webservice is the best option.
        but ron the application is alrady complete and they want that we need to read data fom cube which they made.
        so thats why i am looking for xml connection.

  5. abhijit says:

    hey hiii,
    this is great solution i am stuck in same situation i am also want to save data to xml.
    can u please specify what configuration need to do in xcelsius.

    please i am in big trouble!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks a lot

    • Ron Keler says:

      Hello abhijit, i’m glad the live poll example is applicable to your project. If you can provide more detail information about what you are trying to accomplish, i’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. Not sure what you mean by “save data to xml”, are you looking to persist data to xml files on some file system? As opposed to persisting it in a DB? You can checkout the javascript and ajax calls used in the example by viewing the source code of course. Thanks -Ron

      • abhijit says:

        Thanks Ron

        Actually i am trying to make one application which is base on .net
        and there is data come from cube and i convert that cube data into xml and i want to connect that xml to my dashboard. but this is not a challenge for me.

        next when i open dashboard i want see that specific data which come from cube. but there are several dashboards and i want to change that xml or its ok if we make new xml file on dashboard filter

        • Ron Keler says:

          I am not sure understand exactly, but it sounds like what you are describing can be simply accomplished by firing a different connection, with a different xml url, when a user interacts with some input component on the dashboard.

          • abhijit says:

            you get it wright Ron!

            so how can i do this is i need to add extra addons to xcelsius?

          • Ron Keler says:

            When you set up the XML connection in Xcelsius, in the connection config screen, you will see a trigger options. You can trigger the connection based on a change in a cell value in your Xcelsius model (so when a user changes a drop down selection foe example), when a cell value becomes a certain value, or on a regular interval. So you can have several connections, and fire a different connection based on the dashboard state.

  6. James Batchelor says:

    Nice. But I can click till I am happy and make the results anything I want.

    • Ron Keler says:

      Right James.. 🙂 This post is more about demonstrating techniques, the poll results are by no mean statistically sound.. This is more of a showcase that demonstrate how Xcelsius can be connected to a backend database for both write backs as well as instant feedback on the DB write, leveraging ajax and other techniques.

  7. Josh Tapley says:


    It works for me in both IE and Firefox, but I have to clear cache in IE to see the updated results.

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