Group by on the fly

One of the great features about the google visualization api we use in our html5 dashboards, is the ability to perform client side, run time group by operations. Unlike Xcelsius, which does not provide this functionality, this ability allows us to get all the data we need in one trip to the server, and then using group by aggregate the detailed data in different levels for different presentation needs. In the example below, i got some sample data (from eFashion…) and am using different group by options to aggregate the measurements, revenue and margin, by different dimensions in the dataset. All the data is retrieved from the database once, when the page loads, and the rest of the magic happens in the browser memory, no server calls involved. This example also includes the ability to toggle the chart presentation with a map, and the ability to view the full data set (all 4715 rows of it). Enjoy.

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2 Responses to Group by on the fly

  1. Suman says:

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!

    Especially the highlights happens when the mouse moveover on the legends & the transition effects. Can you send me the source file to explore this logic.

    Eagerly waiting!!!!

    • Ron Keler says:

      Susan, thank you! The client side code is all JS, so you can simply select view source on the page in your browser, and you have it all. There is a little php code there to do the server side database fetch, i will look to post that sometime soon..

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