Gmap webi mashup – live example

Recently, i received quite a few questions from folks who were trying to deploy my gmap webi mashup example on 4.0. To make the implementation more transparent, i created a LIVE WORKING version, leveraging a BI 4.0 server and some sdk code. Click on the image below to launch the live webi report. You can find all the source code, wid file, etc in the original post.


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2 Responses to Gmap webi mashup – live example

  1. Chaitanya says:

    Hi Ron,

    I implemented your example at my end. You have shown charts on each click but they seem static. I wondering if I can implement & showcase charts which would be dynamic based on the data I have in webi report.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Chaitanya says:

    Hi Ron,

    I am not able to find a link to get a source code for your above mentioned example – GMAP WEBI MASHUP. Can you please mention it here?

    Thank you in advance


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