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I LOVE movies. I am fascinated by the craft of creating movies. It’s a field that combines technology and imagination in very unique ways and where science and art interact to create an amazing product (well, not always, but many times..). As millions of others, I enjoy the yearly Oscars awards which allows  us who enjoy watching the movies to view the people who are responsible for the creation we enjoy in a different light. So, this year, I set out to explore the Oscars from a BI perspective. I began by going to the Oscars.org web site and obtained an extract of the nominations and winners data since the first award show in 1927. The Oscars.org web site makes this data public, however the data is presented in a format that is very un friendly for analysis beyond observation on a web page. So, the first task I faced was transforming the data into a format I can load into a BI tool that can be used to mine the data.

Next, I leveraged some of the new features available in SAP Web Intelligence (Webi) 4.1 to create a visual interactive dashboard that is completely HTML based (will work on any device) and is both visually appealing as well as interactive (with the Search capabilities). Use the Search functionality to look for your favorite actor/s or any other film related terms to see how many times they were nominated and/or won. Feel free to click the image above to link to the live Oscars dashboard. If you have other interesting ideas for Oscars related data visualization, please let me know, I would be delighted to share my Oscars data file!

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3 Responses to Oscars dashboard

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi Mark,

    Indeed great work. Can you share your Oscars data file with us?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Mark says:


    Great work. Please can you share your Oscars data file.

    Best regards

    • Ron Keler says:

      Thank you Mark. I spent many hours scrubbing and generating this data set, and will be happy to share it with other collaborators. Please feel free to reach out to me over email and we can discuss further. Thanks – Ron

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