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Xcelsius bubbles

Not much to say about this one, i just really like bubbles… Using bubble charts in Xcelsius can be very appealing.  

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Bookmark Xcelsius Dashboard

The other day, my colleague Josh Tapley ( and I had a conversation about being able to “bookmark” an Xcelsius dashboard. Basically, the idea would be to “save” the user context on the dashboard and be able to return to … Continue reading

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Medicare Advantage Enrollment Dashboard

About a month ago, my colleague, Josh Tapley ( and I set out to build an Xcelsius based BI application. Our goals were to demonstrate the capabilities of the technology, when combined with some fundamental data warehousing and BI techniques … Continue reading

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SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) autocomplete input text

Autocomplete has become a standard in modern application, when users are asked to type in inputs. In the example below, I implemented autocomplete functionality into an Xcelsius input text component. Start typing any zip code starting with 0 and hit … Continue reading

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BI Services Run Time Configuration Explained

SAP BusinessObjects BI Services are a class of web services that can be easily created by converting web intelligence (webi) report blocks into web services. A simple GUI wizard guides the report developer through a few simple steps that publish … Continue reading

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Draggable resizable popup in SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius)

One of the coolest tricks Xcelsius developers have been applying for years is the modal window trick. Using a background with partial transparency, and some nicely designed shades, it’s quite easy to create a popup modal window effect that is … Continue reading

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What’s cooler than 500 rows in Xcelsius? 50,000 rows in Xcelsius!

Sap Dashboards (Xcelsius) certainly has its limitations. I will be the last one to argue otherwise. However, i often run into misconceptions about what those are exactly. A good example if the 500 rows limit. By default, Xcelsius is preconfigured … Continue reading

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Using EIC and z-index to coordinate and layer multiple SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) swf files

Every Xcelsius developer who has any significant real life experience with the tool, knows that one of the greatest challenges of this technology is its scalability. As users get excited about the speed in which new developments can be incorporated … Continue reading

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SAP Dashboards Thanksgiving trivia game

Inspired by thanksgiving and a family trip to Plimouth Plantation, i created this simple trivia game in Sap Dashboards. It’s just another demonstration of the versatility of the tool, and also kind of fun.. Enjoy the XLF here. (*Trivia questions … Continue reading

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Xcelsius data randomizer

One of SAP Dashboards strongest capabilities is in producing quick prototypes. Leveraging Excel rand() function it’s easy to produce random data for your prototype or proof of concept dashboard. Using variations of rand() you can produce random fake data, and … Continue reading

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